Tediton is a professional supplier of smart door locks. Currently, hundreds of customers from different countries find us through our website every day. They tried to contact us, hoping to buy our smart door locks from us, but now we are facing two problems:

1. Most clients expect us to install smart door locks.
2. Some customers want to buy our smart door locks in their countries.

We cannot provide close-to-home door lock installation services in other countries. Now, we want to find partners who can provide smart door lock installation services or distribute smart locks in various countries around the world. The main ways of cooperation are as follows:

After becoming our approved partner, after customers purchase our smart lock products, we will provide customers with partner information. You will need to provide customers with corresponding door lock installation, testing and maintenance services.For some customers who want to buy our products at the customer’s location, we can cooperate as a distributor. We will provide potential partners with related products and more reasonable prices so that target customers can purchase them locally.

Ultimately, we hope to provide customers with perfect smart door lock products and door lock installation services and hope that our products and services can provide target customers with the value they expect. At the same time, we can also bring reasonable benefits to each other.

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